Why is Summer Track such a great opportunity for H.S. athletes in Colorado?

A significant dynamic of summer track and field for most H.S. athletes is that it is a full 2 month season immediately following a rigorous spring H.S. season.  Often times athletes have a real difficult time putting 2 peak cycles back to back.  They commonly struggle with injuries through the summer because they have not had an opportunity to recover from the intense training and competition during the spring season.  For these reasons, many athletes that have big PR’s during the spring will run slower during the summer, experiencing burnout and frustration.

Colorado is different.  Having coached during the spring track season in Colorado, I know that it is almost impossible to have a consistent 6 to 8 week training cycle to reach a solid peak due to the bi-polar spring weather.  Rarely will you have 2 weeks back to back of consistent training for controlled progress much less 6 to 8 weeks.  Most H.S. runners in Colorado have not experienced a real peak during the spring season and have a lot of training and racing left in their legs before they burn out.  The Summer weather in Colorado Springs, on the other hand, is ideal for training.  I have coached summer clubs in Oklahoma and in Maryland.  The heat and humidity are terrible for summer training.  I am so excited to train, coach and race through the Colorado Summers.  It’s going to be a blast and I hope we see many H.S. athletes advance their running career during the summer months and better position themselves for solid athletic scholarships!